Tom Park

Prepared By Indigo Finance Investment For

Mr Tom Park


Indigo Finance and Investments
Indigo House
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Date: 23/09/2020
Reference: PCR-830

Mr Tom Park
6, Big House, On the Hill
LS99 5XX

Dear Tom Park,

At Indigo Finance Investment we appreciate that your financial circumstances are unique and that solutions appropriate to your personal situation are required. We are committed to helping you meet those requirements and we are now writing to confirm why we consider the recommendations made are best suited to your needs.

Following our meeting on 10/06/2020 I am writing to confirm the recommendations made.

You will recall that I presented to you the following documents tick all those that apply:-

My Business Card which contains my contact details
Client Agreement
Fee Agreement which confirms the agreed cost of our services and liability for VAT (if applicable)
Pre Contractual Loan Agreement Disclosure Document

These explain my status as an adviser and other important points including the basis upon which I have advised you.

In this report I have presented my understanding of your current situation and your aims and objectives. This provides the basis for my recommendation. You should check carefully that the information is correct but if you feel that it is not a true reflection of your situation, or if your circumstances have changed, then please let me know as this may affect my recommendations.

During our meeting I explained that we offer a range of services to help you meet your personal and financial objectives and that the amount we charge and the basis of the payment will depend on the service you choose and your individual circumstances. I confirmed that we are no longer able to receive commission on the Retail Investment Products we recommend and that we would need to agree a fee under a process called ‘Adviser and Consultancy Charging'.

Our fees were agreed with you in writing before we carried out any chargeable work and I have attached a copy of the fixed fee agreement that you have signed, this confirms the agreed costs of our services and expected liability to VAT (if applicable). Full details of the agreed costs of services payable can also be found in the personal illustration / the back of the suitability report.

During our meeting I explained that we offer a full review service considering all your financial circumstances. You chose at this time to limit the scope of the advice to the discussed and so have not disclosed full details of your financial situation. You are aware that whilst my recommendations are comprehensive, there may well be other more important financial needs that exist and therefore I cannot guarantee that my advice is suitable for your overall circumstances. If I had provided an overall financial review, my recommendations may have been different. Please contact me if you require a full financial review.


Whilst we would like to address all of your financial needs over time, at this stage it was necessary to prioritise your needs in order to determine those which we should address as a priority (and that were within your stated budget). We therefore discussed which needs were most important to as follows:

Agenda Need For
Inheritance Tax Planning Inheritance Tax Planning Tom Park
Investing capital for Growth Investment Tom Park


A summary breakdown of your attitude to risk score as gathered during the completion of the client questionnaire is show below and I have determined that you have a Moderately Cautious approach to investments. This has helped me recommend certain funds for investment that suit your attitude to risk and capacity for loss.

In general, Moderately Cautious investors are uncomfortable taking risk with their investments, but would be willing to do so to a limited extent. They realise that risky investments are likely to be better for longer-term returns.

Moderately Cautious investors typically prefer certain outcomes to gambles. They can take a relatively long time to make up their mind on financial matters and may suffer from regret when decisions turn out badly. Moderately Cautious investors may have some experience of investment products, but will be more familiar with bank and building society accounts than other types of investments.

I recommend that your investment utilises the following funds which are consistent with your Moderately Cautious risk profile.

Name ID Code Standard Code On Panel Value
Fidelity South East Asia 28353 FK06 Citicode Yes £221.00
First State AsiaPacLdrs A GBP Acc 31532 QI52 Citicode Yes £221.00
BlackRock UK Dynamic A Acc 30406 LO88 Citicode Yes £255.00
M&G Recovery A Acc GBP 30774 MG52 Citicode Yes £255.00
Artemis Income R Acc 28992 HM06 Citicode Yes £510.00
M&G American A Acc GBP 30761 MG31 Citicode Yes £510.00
Cazenove UK Growth & Income B Acc 30046 KR44 Citicode Yes £578.00
Schroder Tokyo A Acc 32581 UM18 Citicode Yes £578.00
JOHCM Continental European Ret GBP 29691 JF17 Citicode Yes £637.50
JPM US A Acc 31833 RT10 Citicode Yes £637.50
Threadneedle American R Acc GBP 32280 TH28 Citicode Yes £646.00
Fidelity Moneybld Income 28350 FJ84 Citicode Yes £765.00
Invesco Perp Corporate Bd Acc 31334 P181 Citicode Yes £765.00
Aviva Inv Property Trust Acc 31159 NM40 Citicode Yes £901.00
M&G Property Portfolio A Acc GBP 28231 FBV8 Citicode Yes £1,020.00

Using the Fund Provider Axa Elevate the total for investment is £8,500.00.

Yours Sincerely,
Indigo Finance